An Afternoon

The Old Northern Cemetery (Alter Nordlicher Friedhof) in Munich enjoys a somewhat unexpected fate over the summer – people sunbathing, reading, hanging their hammocks or playing with their dogs among the tombstones.

My aim with the series is to draw in and involve the viewer with the subtle feelings of comfort or uneasiness resulting from the encounter.

How we use and transform public space defines us as a society. Our relationship to “the holy” in general, to the sacred space and as such, to cemeteries, defines our relationship to life and death. In my opinion, a re-appropriation of this kind is a powerful component of social and urban education. We draw lines, set boundaries and set up monuments – all in the effort of sharing concepts of value and identity as a society.

The sight of it confused me and mesmerized me at the same time. It captivated me with both its moral complexity as well as its visual character which in me evoked the allegorical landscape feel of 17th century paintings.