Working with perception shifts and visual transformations, exploring the topics of identity, public space and notions of the holy through photography and video.

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Belgrade, Serbia and Leuven, Belgium

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“We Were Here” – Mestizo Arts Festival. | October 2014

“We Were Here”, an art installation created together with Kristof Bilsen and Abbie Boutkabout, commissioned by the City of Antwerp (BE) entitled – ATLAS Antwerp | April 2014

‘An Afternoon’ – Group projection programme curated by ACMV, Belfast Photo Festival | June 2013

Group exhibition ‘Be SpectacleD’ – Belfast Photo Festival | June 2013

‘Museum of Modern Art’ – group exhibition Serbian Contemporary Artists Reveal, Centre de l’Art Contemporain Strategie Art Belgrade | November 2012


The installation “We Were Here” will be exhibited as part of Mestizo Arts Festival.

My collaboration with Kristof Bilsen and Abbie Boutkabout, an art-installation commissioned by the City of Antwerp (BE) entitled “We Were Here”, is premiering at ATLAS Antwerp.

How does a city change under the influence of migration? Does she expand or does she make room for those who try to set foot there? Or does does she spit out ‘the other’ because she fears the changes he brings along with him?

The migrant’s children and grandchildren grow up in two worlds. They exchange one world for the other with seeming effortlessness. How do these people cope with their shifting identities?

Read more (Dutch only): http://50jaarmigratie.be/artikel/hier-waren-wij-een-doos-vol-verhalen

From the JAR De Sens manifesto: The world from a different perspective. The reality through a different set of eyes. No room for pointless adornment. No compromise with the logic of the masses. The little girl and her red towel couldn’t be in a nicer company. Check out An Afternoon as presented in the JAR De Sense magazine.

New issue of Excerpt Magazine is out! ‘An Afternoon’ is included in some very fine company – check it out!
An Afternoon in Excerpt Magazine





Happy to have been included in the book ‘No Nay Never No More’ released today and published by Oranbeg Press!
Contact Oranbeg Press to order.

‘An Afternoon’ has been selected for ACMV’s projection programme focusing on the theme of Spectacle in Photography on the Belfast Photo Festival.
My work has also been selected by Platform Arts for their show Be SpectacleD at the Belfast Photo Festival.

My series ‘An Afternoon’ will be featured in the exhibition Foto_Crítica (Photo_Criticism) organised by CÍTRICA magazine.

Some weeks ago I was commissioned by CafeBabel Magazine to create a piece for them in Rome. What an experience! See the series “300″ at CafeBabel.

27/10/12 – 09/11/12
I’ve taken part in the Serbian Contemporary Artist Reveal exhibition organised by the Centre de l’Art Contemporain Strategie Art in Belgrade as part of the BCJEM (Biennale de la Mediterranée) meeting.

Blog is up! Over at http://theunresolved.tumblr.com/ I will be sharing postcards, visual musings and works-in-progress.